Dhu'l-Qa`dah 25, 1438
August 18, 2017

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November 2003Volume VI - Issue 1Ramadan 1424
Food, Famine and Fardh

Confronting Famine

Famine seems to be one of those ubiquitous problems facing humanity, transcending the boundaries of both time and space. Famine destroys communities, devastates societies, debilitates entire countries, and seems to be as old as history...

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Girth of a Nation

Surely, by now, Americans are all aware of the biggest epidemic of our time. Ironically, it isn't the by-product of a virus that has run rampant, or a result of destitution and poverty; rather it is..

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The God-Consciousness of Ramadan

The Islamic calendar, like the Gregorian calendar, consists of twelve months, and among these months is Ramadan, the month during which Muslims are required to fast. This blessed month of Ramadan brings..

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The Chronic Disease of Starvation

One might be surprised to find that starvation is often referred to as a chronic disease. Such diseases keep recurring unless kept at bay by some remedial drug or medicine. When we think of chronic..

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Society's Addiction to Material

When one does some research, and revisits the time of the prophets (as), they will find that nothing genuinely new can be found out about materialism. Most human beings have always thought of material..

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